AquaMAX Hot Water Systems

Are you on the hunt for a hot-water system that is top-of-the-line? AquaMAX is the answer! Born and bred in Australia, AquaMAX hot water heaters are made from the best materials. They offer the finest water heaters, with constant flow and storage units available. You won’t be disappointed when you choose AquaMAX – it is the best of the best! Every system has been specially crafted to meet your specific needs for maximum convenience and satisfaction. With AquaMAX, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality and price. So why wait? Find the most efficient hot water system for your home today. Contact us now!

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AquaMAX Installation & Repair Specialists
in Gold Coast

In Gold Coast Hot Water Group, we specialize in the installation and repair of AquaMAX hot water systems. Learn more about the various types of hot-water systems that AquaMAX has to offer and which one might be the perfect fit for your home.

AquaMax Hot Water Systems Gold Coast

AquaMAX Electric Hot Water Storage

AquaMAX Electric Hot Water Storage systems are ideal for storing hot water in cylinders and delivering it when needed. These systems are made from materials like vitreous enamel-coated steel and stainless steel. One of the prime choices for an electric hot-water system is AquaMAX Electronic Vitreous Hot Water. This model is excellent for replacements, indoor and outdoor installations, and supplies water at the mains pressure. You can choose from a range of cylinder sizes from 50L up to 400L, meaning these systems are ideal for big and small homes. Plus, it comes with a five-year warranty!

AquaMax Hot Water Systems Gold Coast

AquaMAX Gas Hot Water Storage

When it comes to gas hot water storage, AquaMAX has you covered. Their 5-star gas hot water units are designed to meet all your hot water needs. These stainless steel tanks come in the G270SS, G340SS and G390SS models, and can store hot water with higher temperatures than conventional hot-water systems. The systems are available in three different sizes: 270L, 334L and 390L to meet your storage needs. Plus, they come with 10 year cylinder warranties.

AquaMax Hot Water Systems Gold Coast

AquaMAX Gas Continuous Flow

AquaMAX also offers gas continuous flow systems in Gold Coast, powered by gas, that are designed to be energy efficient with 6 stars of efficiency. When you turn the faucet, the water heats up instantly instead of having to be heated in advance and stored. All you need to get it going is plug it into an electrical power outlet, and you can either put it on a wall or inside a container. This system also has excellent temperature control, with one or more adjustable temperature controllers that let you set different temperatures in different parts of your Gold Coast house.

AquaMax Hot Water Systems Gold Coast

AquaMAX Premium Stainless Steel Hot Water Systems

AquaMAX Premium Stainless Steel Hot Water Systems come with superior resistance to corrosion and are up to 50 percent lighter than conventional vitreous enamel cylinders, making them easier to move. They exceed their MEPS ratings for energy-efficiency by 27 percent, earning them an energy efficiency rating of 5 stars and helping you save money on your energy bills.

Electric Stainless Steel Hot Water Systems in Gold Coast from AquaMAX are powered by electricity and are made of stainless steel. They’re light and resistant to corrosion, so they’re designed to last. However, they are not suitable for areas with bore or hard water.

If you need assistance deciding which AquaMAX hot-water system is right for you, contact Gold Coast Hot Water Group. Our specialists will help you through the process of selecting the best system that meets your requirements and also provide repairs and installation.

History of AquaMAX in Australia

AquaMAX Pty Ltd has a long history of producing water heaters that are ideal for Australian families. The company was founded in Melbourne in 1988 and was spearheaded by an engineering team responsible for creating the first 5-star heater with a 10 year warranty. Production began in 1992 and over the first six years, more than 100 thousand units were sold.

AquaMAX is committed to providing only the highest quality water heaters to Australians. In 2001, they released a line of Stainless Steel Gas units with 10 year warranties, as well as Gas enhanced solar water heaters with Stainless Steel storage cylinders. In 2004, they added Electric Vitreous Enamel storage models to their range.

By January 2009, AquaMAX had sold half one million units, making them one of the leading hot water heater manufacturers in Australia. In August of that same year, market leading manufacturer Rheem Australia Pty Ltd acquired AquaMAX. Since then, AquaMAX has continued to expand their national distribution while also improving their Moorabbin, VIC production facility.

AquaMAX’s passion for modern technology and efficient energy usage is evident in their product line, which includes high-efficiency Gas and Electric Stainless Steel water heaters. These models boast greater energy efficiency, a 10 year warranty on the cylinder, are half the weight of conventional hot water heaters, and don’t need anodes.

Gold Coast Hot Water Group is proud to offer AquaMAX’s reliable and efficient water heaters to our customers. AquaMAX is a trusted brand that we are thrilled to have as a partner, with a focus on superior quality and inventive design.

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